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About Us

Support offshore companies by providing buoys and AUV bodies.

We aim to support offshore companies explore ocean sources by providing reliable and environmentally friendly deepwater buoy and pressure resistance AUV bodies.

We have different buoys like ROV buoys, cable floats, and customized buoys for offshore wind farms.

Our buoys have characters of low density and high strength. The max depth could reach 11,000 meters underwater.

Our Products

We aim to produce the most reliable solution you are looking for.

Cable floats/ ROV buoy/ Syntactic foam/ Floating wind farm

AUV Body

Pressure resistance cabin/ Aluminium hull/ Titanium hull/ Carbon fiber pressure hull

Carbon fiber pipe/ Carbon fiber plate/ Carbon fiber parts

The place where you can find various buoys.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!


We supply customized calbe floats for subsea cables.


Customized ROV buoys according to customers’ drawings.

carbon fiber

Carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber sheet, and carbon fiber car parts.

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